January 27, 2021
  • 11:08 am The Warning Order – Preparing For Operations
  • 12:40 pm 3 Essential Elements Of A Combat Patrol
  • 9:46 am Five Tips For Using The 1/3-2/3 Rule
  • 2:20 pm How to Report Sightings of Enemy Combatants
  • 10:42 pm Drawing Forces Into Collateral Damage
How to use a Warning Order Board Template

The warning order (Warno) is one of the most critical planning tools available to leaders in the military.  Unfortunately, it’s often one of the most underutilized. A warning order (WARNO) gives subordinates advance notice of an upcoming operation. This gives them time to prepare. A warning order is brief but complete. -Ranger Handbook The warning […]

Reporting Enemy Combatants

What is the most efficient way (syntax) for infantry to report sighting of enemy combatants? Is it their number-direction-distance-additional detail (third red house on the left)? This is a fantastic question that deserves a well-considered answer. Ultimately, this breaks down into two categories: internal or external communication. External Reporting Let’s start with external communications, reporting […]