October 20, 2020
  • 11:08 am The Warning Order – Preparing For Operations
  • 12:40 pm 3 Essential Elements Of A Combat Patrol
  • 9:46 am Five Tips For Using The 1/3-2/3 Rule
  • 2:20 pm How to Report Sightings of Enemy Combatants
  • 10:42 pm Drawing Forces Into Collateral Damage

At 17, I joined the U.S. Army as an Infantryman.  At 19 I was leading my first Fireteam in Kosovo.  I spent 12 years in the Army including deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.  From Al Fallujah, Iraq to the Waygul Valley in Afghanistan, I’ve seen some of the worst hotspots American forces have dealt with in the last 20 years.

I’m also graduate of some of the military’s most prestigious lightfighter schools including:

  • Ranger School
  • Airborne School
  • Air Assault School
  • Pathfinder School
  • Army Mountain Warfare School
  • and many more…


After leaving the U.S. Army, I spent 2 years working as a security contractor in Baghdad.

Now I want to share that experience with the American people.  I believe that the people need to understand how military operations work and what challenges we’ll face in the future as our forces attempt to modernize and restructure.