February 25, 2021
  • 11:08 am The Warning Order – Preparing For Operations
  • 12:40 pm 3 Essential Elements Of A Combat Patrol
  • 9:46 am Five Tips For Using The 1/3-2/3 Rule
  • 2:20 pm How to Report Sightings of Enemy Combatants
  • 10:42 pm Drawing Forces Into Collateral Damage
How to use a Warning Order Board Template

The warning order (Warno) is one of the most critical planning tools available to leaders in the military.  Unfortunately, it’s often one of the most underutilized. A warning order (WARNO) gives subordinates advance notice of an upcoming operation. This gives them time to prepare. A warning order is brief but complete. -Ranger Handbook The warning […]

3 elements of a combat patrol in Afghanistan

When it comes to planning any combat patrol, there are three essential elements.  These are the main elements that are necessary to accomplish any mission. Assault Support Security There are other elements that may be introduced, but these three are essential.  And they’re just as important today as they were a generation ago.  But the […]

5 tips for using the 1/3-2/3 rule

There’s never enough time. This is just something you have to accept as a leader.  You will never have enough time to make everything perfect.  It’s part of the complexities of battle.  While you plan to deal with an enemy, the enemy is actively changing the situation.  You will always be adapting and changing plans […]

Reporting Enemy Combatants

What is the most efficient way (syntax) for infantry to report sighting of enemy combatants? Is it their number-direction-distance-additional detail (third red house on the left)? This is a fantastic question that deserves a well-considered answer. Ultimately, this breaks down into two categories: internal or external communication. External Reporting Let’s start with external communications, reporting […]


One of the biggest changes to the battlefield today is the use of digital cameras. Within moments of a vehicle attack on the streets of New York, you watch the event on your computer in Ohio. Everyone knows this, but not many consider the tactical implications. Terrorists apply this strategy around the globe.  30 years ago, […]


It’s time we have a serious talk about arming our educators.  I’ve listened to the arguments on both sides, and neither side is talking about practical details that the Parkland shooting has made painfully necessary. We know that at least one Sheriff’s Deputy was on site during the shooting.  He’s been heavily criticized for not entering […]